The Calming Effect of Yoga

Yoga is not an unfamiliar term with us anymore. There are numerous theories attached to it. The query that instantly pops up regarding this science is, “What is Yoga”? What is the need of practising Yoga?” Well, since time immemorial we humans have been wandering like vagabonds in quest of inner peace – the prime requisite of a mankind for happy existence.

Do you feel Yoga is an effective tool for the attainment of peace and relaxation? Well, in my opinion- surely it is…. I will support my view by penning down certain facts and philosophies regarding this. Readers, when we dive into the depth of its knowledge,aim and purpose, we realise Yoga is not just a physical exercise which begins and ends on the mat . It is an indispensable medium which connects us to the “Universal consciousness.

This physical, mental and spiritual practise originated in Northern India , nearly 5000 years ago and its first mention is found in our sacred text, the Rigveda. Primarily yoga means Spiritual Discipline, i.e. , Control of the mind , body and soul through strengthening the will power. One need not renounce the world or torture the body to attain this, but simple trivial life style moderations in eating , sleeping, talking and working habits can prove very beneficial in controlling our body mind and senses.

Yoga has a chain of actions. It helps in rising from the evils to goodness- to godliness- and eventually a Divine Splendour.
Now…a brief account… why the need of Yoga?

Our present sedentary life style as an outcome of modernisation , mechanisation , usage of high-fidelity electronic gadgets have merely transformed us into “Robots” from Humans.

We have severed ourselves from mankind as there is a dearth of emotion, love, compassion, care and concern for our fellow beings..which collectively form the crux and essence of Life. In due course , we have stopped  “”Living ” and unknowingly started “Existing.” The incessant marathon of accumulating fortune and wealth , so that we can be enlisted in that “High Status People” has lead to relinquish our Peace of Mind . Inadvertently, it has lead to unprecedented stress and has paved the way for terminal illnesses.

The accentuating  medical ailments and uprise in suicidal cases is having an alarming effect on mankind..Fortunately , we are reverting to the teachings encrypted by our forefathers..on Quest for leading healthier happier and blissful life through the practise of Yoga . Even medical practitioners are supporting the practise of Yoga now.

Regularity and consistency in practising yoga can do Wonders -both spiritually and physically. If practised religiously , Yoga gives inner peace , happiness calms the mind , stabilises the thought process so that one can act judiciously in the gravest of situation. Other than spiritual connect , yoga is associated with physical attributes too- which comprises of performing asanas forward and backward bends , holding postures , breathing techniques  etc. All of the above mentioned    traits have a holistic and profound effect on our personality . Practise of asanas unblocks the energy currents and emotions.
     Asana which are associated with balancing on one leg signifies how to focus and strike a balance in dealing  with issues in times of distress and come out with an amicable solution.
      Forward bending asana denotes humility ,  modesty , surrender and letting go..It also offers to reflect and heal the past and move forward effortlessly .The  emotions and sensations that arise during forward bend gets purified .Consistent practise of forward bend helps in developing focus ,patience , endurance  other than physical benefits of toning abdominal glands and organs.

Now moving on to backward bend…this too has an amazing story to tell. It not only relieves anxiety n stress but also increases your body’s resilience , maintains youth and eliminates chronic back pain . Besides increasing flexibility of spine , it also increases the flexibility in your life.While doing backward bend your world literally gets turned upside down and you view things from a new and wider spectrum , thus meandering inflow of new and fresh thoughts in your mind.

    The beauty of this science lies in the fact that how breathing also referred as (Pranayam) -the first and the last thing we do when we are alive , has a magical effect on our immune system. Breathing is the most vital component to sustain life..Breathing consciously and with awareness can play instrumental role in restoring balance of mind and body. Researchers have documented that regular practise of simple deep breathing can fight anxiety , stress , depression and low blood pressure. It increases energy levels and relaxes muscles too. Last and certainly not the least, breathing consciously and rhythmically eases all the tensions and calms your body. Try it…
    Dear readers …Yoga is a science which has an in depth n endless knowledge and my article is just a drop in an ocean .I  have been into it for more than a decade , and my personal experience of having an  association with it has been very enthralling. My endeavour is to highlight the positivity attached with it , and how this positivity can enlighten your life  as well if you make it a ritual. You do not know what a flower looks like till it blossoms..
Love and live life. Each day is a gift, and yoga is like a gift wrap- which adds excitement and ecstasy to our lives with ease and peace ….as and when new chapter unfolds..


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